Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car
Kori Cumley

We’ve waited patiently and spring is finally here! Before you roll down the windows and soak up the sunshine, some spring cleaning tips to make sure your car is ready to hit the road!

Empty Your Pockets: The average guy spends 67 minutes each day behind the wheel. A thick wallet in your back pocket raises one hip above the other, twisting your spine and straining your lower back.

Cruise: Getting the engine up to 70 mph for 10 miles once a month (on an open freeway) evaporates any water and gas buildup in the engine and exhaust system.

Beat the Frost: Run the air-conditioning while defrosting the windshield. AC air is dry, so it will take the moisture out of the air by dehumidifying as it cools.

Handle the Pressure: Less air means more contact and friction between the tire and road, which wears the rubber faster, makes the engine work harder, and uses more gas – so make sure you’re tires are filled to the recommended amount.

Correct the Corrosion: If your battery terminals are corroded, crack open a can of cola and pour it directly onto the battery terminals. The acid in the cola will bubble away the corrosion, improving both your connection and the odds of a successful jump-start. Once you’re home remove the cola residue.

Wash in the Shade: Never wash or wax a car in direct sunlight, or if the paint is hot to the touch. Bright sun can soften the paint and make it more susceptible to scratching.

Replace Wipers: After a harsh winter, many vehicles require new windshield wipers. Having wipers in good working order is necessary, especially during intense spring showers.

Courtesy of http://www.myknowledgecenter.com/personal-insurance/7-car-tips-you-should-think-about/

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ford and its Dealers Contribute to Oklahoma Tornado Relief, and You Can Help Too
Cole Quinnell

“The impact of these tornadoes is devastating on thousands of families,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services. “We know there is great need for assistance, and Ford, its dealers and employees are coming together to provide needed resources.”

Ford Motor Company and its dealers will contribute $400,000 to assist with relief efforts for those affected by tornadoes this week in Oklahoma. Ford Motor Company Fund will match donations up to $250,000 made through this link, http://american.redcross.org/ford-pub, from its employees, dealers and the public in support of relief efforts by theAmerican Red Cross.

The Oklahoma Ford Dealers group is contributing $150,000 to the United Way. Ford Motor Company also is donating a Ford Transit Connect van to the American Red Cross, and providing $500 for drivers with tornado-damaged vehicles in affected areas toward the purchase of a new Ford vehicle.

“Oklahoma Ford dealers encourage everyone to step up to help those impacted by these devastating tornadoes,” said Craig Billingsley, chairman of the Oklahoma Ford Dealers. “We know how much this tragedy is impacting our customers, neighbors and friends.”

Courtesy of http://social.ford.com/our-articles/trucks/transitconnect/ford-and-its-dealers-contribute-to-oklahoma-tornado-relief-and-you-can-help-too/