Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Texas Winter Travel


As the possibility of winter weather makes driving conditions unpredictable and dangerous, the Texas Department of Transportation reminds drivers to stay off the roads as much as possible and use extreme caution when travel is necessary.
If you must drive, please keep in mind that sleet or freezing rain can make driving and walking extremely hazardous. Roadway conditions motorists could encounter during adverse winter weather include:
  • Loss of pavement friction due to wet, snow-covered or icy conditions
  • Restricted visibility due to fog, falling rain or vehicle spray
  • Lane obstruction due to standing water or plowed or blowing snow
  • Infrastructure damage (such as a washed-out road)
Winter Driving Safety Tips
  • Reduce speed. Speed limits are based on normal road and weather conditions, not winter road conditions
  • Maintain at least three times the normal following distance on snow or ice
  • Watch carefully for snow removal equipment and stay at least 200 feet back if you are behind a snow plow
  • Use extra caution on bridges, ramps, overpasses and shaded areas as they tend to freeze first
  • If you start to slide, ease off the gas pedal or brakes. Steer into the direction of the skid until you feel you have regained traction then straighten your vehicle
  • Check highway conditions at DriveTexas.
For additional road safety preparedness information and tips, download the TxDOT Safety Guide for Winter Travel.
Highway Road Conditions Hotline
Call (800) 452-9292 for current information. For non-emergency roadside assistance, motorists can call the Texas Department of Public Safety at (800) 525-5555.

Friday, January 17, 2014

90% Of Millenials Say They'll Buy A Car When They're Not So Damn Broke

By Matt Hardigree


Our buddy Karl Henkel may not be able to handle his brisket, but he's definitely on top of the why-Gen Y/Millenials-haven't-bought-all-the-cars beat.
In today's installment we hear about a Deloitte LLP study released yesterday that says 60% of Gen Y consumers want to buy a car in the next three years, and only 10% say they never plan to buy or lease a car.P
The report also found that, duh, 80% said the biggest barrier is the price of a car.P
If there's one downside in the report it's this:P
"While Gen Y may not necessarily scrutinize horsepower, acceleration times or engine size, they do have clear needs, wants and desires, especially when it comes to remaining connected to all of their lifestyle technology while on the road," said Masa Hasegawa, principal, in a statement. "This is good news for carmakers, who already offer — or are bringing to market — many of the features Gen Y consumers most want in a vehicle."

Courtesy of  http://jalopnik.com/90-of-millenials-say-theyll-buy-a-car-when-theyre-no-1503349283